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Pakistan Wallows in Monsoon Flooding Disaster

pakistan floods

Image from BBC

Things are not getting better in Pakistan. According to a UN report 500,000 people have been rendered homeless by the seasonal rains and floods, and another 13 million people have been affected adversely. The flooding has killed at least 1,600 people so far, although that figure will undoubted climb as post-disaster diseases take their toll on this remote region in Northwest Pakistan. The flooding has also wiped out an estimated 1.4-million acres of farmland.

People in Pakistan are growing increasingly outraged and frustrated with the government’s response. Indeed, the country’s prime minister Asif Zadari has been in France and England during much of last week. That is, until an elderly gent hurled two shoes at him at a rally in Birmingham, England. After that, he returned home. The army, which runs the show, and in its own defense has argued that they’ve been vigorous in responding. 30,000 troops have been deployed, and the army claims to have rescued over 25,000 people.

The worst could be yet to come as cholera and other water-borne illnesses start to take hold.

For a side-by-side view of the Indus river flooding compared to last year, and an available slide-show of images visit the UK’s newspaper, the Telegraph, which has been out front of the news on this disaster. For more information, read the latest brief from the UN who have people on the ground, from French news agency, AFP,

Google, meanwhile, is actively seeking map data in response to the flooding, and have also established a people finder tool in the Urdu language, which can be found below.

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